Small Business Internet Marketing Strategy

For small businesses that want to create new marketing channels, acquire new customers, and improve the bottom line, the internet has proven to be extremely effective method and one that virtually (pardon the pun) has no limits.

There really is nothing stopping you except except the limits of your own creativity, a sound internet marketing strategy and a plan put to action.

Why do you think online communities like MySpace and then Facebook grew at such a rapid rate and became extremely valuable to search engines? It’s mainly because Microsoft and Google both understand the value of the users they have. The traffic will flow through their search engines and increase the total number of users of their platform.

But what about small businesses that want to leverage an internet marketing strategy? Can they do the same? Well, from statistics, it seems like the social revolution online is only beginning and there are several ways to do it.

First, the use of social networks by local small businesses can generate value and eventually profits for them by not only helping to build their brand but also by helping them establish more personal connections and interaction between their customers and potential customers as well. In addition you can gather valuable consumer behavior through these social networks. You can better understand and test what kind of offers they respond to and also what they want.

Another important corporate internet marketing strategy would be search engine optimization or SEO. This is a vast opportunity, especially at the local level, for small businesses to quickly rank highly in the search engines and dominate any competitors. It is a way for customers who do a search on the internet to find you and your products and/or services.

GIA Wellness Review – Business and Opportunity Review

GIA Wellness is a new business opportunity based in the health and wellness industry currently in prelaunch. The companies mission statement is to “We offer innovative, effective, patented and proprietary technologies and life enhancing wellness products. We empower people with an abundance oriented business opportunity, while facilitating transformative adventures in personal growth and leadership development.”

GIA is an opportunity new to the multilevel marketing industry distributing products from multivitamins to water purifiers and even technology to help counteract EMF exposure from other technologies. The opportunity comes with the start up cost that will range from as low as $50 dollars and up into the hundreds depending upon the individual choice in startup kit and level desired. This is based upon network marketing and will require marketing in the individuals warm market to get started building their organization.

The compensation plan is based in a typical multilevel marketing fashion which comes through not just a small retail commission, but through a point value system. There are 9 bonus levels that can be achieved through qualifying with the accumulated points required from each members downline in a 30 day period. For many individuals the compensation structures can be somewhat confusing and it will be important to get all due diligence done by asking the upline you intend to join.

GIA Wellness does have many quality products as does many other companies in this particular industry. This is a highly saturated industry and as many as 97% of most individuals fail in their first year in multilevel marketing opportunities. Completing your due diligence before joining any opportunity is a must. For many in this industry success comes through quickly branding themselves as leaders through effective marketing and massive action.

Small Business Email Marketing is a Winning Strategy

There are very few strategies that can mean more to your small business than creating an effective customer/prospect email marketing program. Depending on your level of experience in implementing an email program, this process can seem rather daunting. It need not be.

To simplify the construction of a great email marketing program, we need to break the tasks down into three major areas of concern:

1. Collecting email addresses of prospects and customers of the business.
2. Organizing and maintaining a database of your email addresses.
3. Developing a coordinated set of marketing emails and offers.

Ways of Collecting Email Addresses

To be effective, an email marketing program must have the email addresses provided to them by the email recipient. In other words, your prospect or customer should tell you that they wish to receive information from your company! This is really the only process that will work on a ling term basis. To simply send out unsolicited emails to various names on a list is called SPAMMING, is highly ineffective, and your company should never be guilty of such practices.

To collect email addresses of your prospects and customers, there are several approaches that work quite nicely. Many small businesses will ask their visitors to provide their email address whenever they complete a registration form, contest entry form, customer survey, or special offer. A confirmation email is then sent to the prospect to verify their address and their willingness to receive information from your business. You will be amazed at the success that you will receive in such a well constructed campaign.

Likewise, you can promote a URL address (such as www. ) at which you have setup and ‘lead capture page’ on your website to obtain the prospect or customer email address in exchange for something of value, such as a white paper on a topic of interest to your company, or a video download, or even some favorite recipes from your staff. This approach is called an ‘ethical bribe’ and is used quite widely. When you invite the site visitor to provide their email address, you must assure them that you will hold their address in confidence and will not share it with others.

Organizing Your Email Addresses

However you collect the email addresses of your prospects and customers, you must ensure that you have verified their willingness to be on your list, have a way of organizing the email addresses by prospect or customer type or other demographic criteria. Do not attempt to build such a capability yourself! There are many “Autoresponder Services” to choose from which provide a set of very cost effective tools to manage your email database. Check out the systems provided by,, or

Developing a Coordinated Email Messages and Offers

You can pre-load a set of customer or prospect messages of any number and you can set the internal at which they will be delivered automatically to your specific prospects and customers. Such messages can be used to educate people about your company’s products and services, to inform them of upcoming events in your area and even to entice them to your business through effective offers and coupons.

The time that it takes you to develop and implement an effective email marketing campaign will likely be the most productive time that you spend in your business this year. There is no reason not to take action now!